Eighteen years without Charlie Bell: a ‘fat and happy’ boy from Oz’

Eighteen years ago, pals, families, and business associates, including Prime Minister John Howard and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, were among hundreds of grievers who filled a church in Kensington, Sydney, to say goodbye to the ‘fat and happy’ boy from Oz.

Behind Green Lights(1946)[Film Noir] [Drama] [Mystery]#FilmNoir #TimelessClassicMovies #classicfilm

https://youtu.be/GshgNmgB1HA Police Lieutenant Sam Carson spots Walter Bard's bullet-ridden corpse in a car brazenly left in front of the police station. Carson questions Janet Bradley after finding her name in the dead man's appointment book. She admits that Bard had...

Did Trump think he was God?

Did Trump think he was God?

President Biden Issues Executive Order at the First Meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access

resident Biden will issue an Executive Order on Securing Access to Reproductive and Other Healthcare Services, building on actions that the Biden-Harris Administration has taken to protect access to reproductive healthcare services and defend women’s fundamental...

Jim Harbaugh’s Visit to Oswald’s Bear Ranch Prompts PETA Appeal

After photos surfaced of University of Michigan (UM) football players petting, feeding, and posing with a bear cub at Oswald’s Bear Ranch—a notorious roadside zoo in the Upper Peninsula that tears baby bears away from their mothers and charges people to have their photo taken with them—PETA sent a letter today to UM Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, who appears in photos with Oswald’s owner, alerting him to the facility’s history of bear cub deaths and calling on him to pledge never to bring the Wolverines to another roadside zoo.

Haiti: Dozens injured by stray bullets as violence escalates in Port-au-Prince

Dozens injured by stray bullets as violence escalates

Vasectomy: What do I need to know about it?

Vasectomy is minor surgery to block sperm from reaching the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. Semen still exists, but it has no sperm in it.

Vasectomies are up in the United States

Online inquiries for vasectomies are overflowing after a draft of a Supreme Court judgment that would overturn Roe v Wade was revealed.