Author: Freddy De Freitas


A story of commercial ignorance. Lack of vision, lack of empathy, a lack of competency, lack of intelligence, and recklessness on the high seas of Brazil politics…
Coming to a court near you soon.
Please book your tickets in advance as the public gallery in the courtroom maybe be overflowing.
Starring moron of the 20th Century nominee Jair Bolsonaro.

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Senator Ted Cruz, father of the year

Senator Ted Cruz deserves to get elected the father of the year.

He sacrificed everything for his family; especially, his children.

He crossed the border seeking a better life for his children.

Senator Ted Cruz, father of the year.

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The United States has lost a star. Yesterday Ken Jones lost his fight against cancer. He was a product of the old days of San Francisco and gay rights. He has been at the epicenter of the LGBT movement for over 50 years.

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That humankind’s cultural evolution has reached a crisis of modernity.

We need politicians that will stimulate our intellects to begin contemplating the influence of mechanistic thinking on world science, patriarchy’s relationship to the arms race and the importance of ecopsychology as a means toward the development of a postmodern science; whose emphasis is on humankind’s individuation and psychic integration with ourselves, society, all-natural systems (our earth/body) and the evolutionary unfolding of the cosmos, uniting this process with a common past, present and future.

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