Author: Freddy de Freitas

Brazil committed suicide

And the slide towards extinction accelerated: ending environmental protections, widening the wealth gap, taking away health care, cutting food subsidies, eliminating scientists from government, ending treaties of cooperation and protection, shelving plans for responding to a global pandemic, and hired judges who would affirm it all. So here we are at what could easily be The End.

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Accused Christchurch mosque shooter claims he’s being unfairly treated behind bars and makes a formal complaint demanding access to visitors and phone calls

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That humankind’s cultural evolution has reached a crisis of modernity.

We need politicians that will stimulate our intellects to begin contemplating the influence of mechanistic thinking on world science, patriarchy’s relationship to the arms race and the importance of ecopsychology as a means toward the development of a postmodern science; whose emphasis is on humankind’s individuation and psychic integration with ourselves, society, all-natural systems (our earth/body) and the evolutionary unfolding of the cosmos, uniting this process with a common past, present and future.

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