In other words, the recent G7 meeting was a circus event full of white-skinned clowns doing what they do best: look and act silly while accomplishing very little.

More words than good deeds.

One major over an arching visible issue that NO ONE has commented on or realized! Is that of the G7 meeting, the second most powerful nation was not invited.

UK economy now in basket case status, Japan in a hidden recession for over 30 years, and USA economic growth constraints with over $6trillion from past lost war debts.

The cringe factor is mind-numbing. Brazil is a big country land-wise but a tiny country influence-wise. They have an inflated sense of their importance on the international stage. But as the con man in the comedy ‘True Lies’ said so aptly…..” I am nothing… I’m navel lint. But seriously, folks, this desperate attempt to join the big boys club while Rome burns are nothing short of tragic.

Sorry for Bolsonaro

We feel sorry for Bolsonaro. Our motherly instincts are all fired up…..he is so far out of his depth I feel like wrapping him in a warm blanket and making him a hot chocolate—poor darling.

We imagine background checks on Bolsonaro would give the secret service reasons to keep him at arm’s length, especially his extremely close relationship with Trump and association with QAnon.

It is about time for Brazilia to learn that any bilateral relationship could not be an ideology but only interest-based. Given the Brazilian’s president’s wrong bet at the US’ last election, which by the way he should not have wasted Brazilian national interest in betting other country’s election result, and his no commitment on climate change, Brazilia should have known such a one-on-one meeting with Biden would be impossible.

Given their natural advantages, if they have had a visionary and competent government, they would have been by now leading the world in renewable energy in close cooperation with China.

With global opportunities to research and deliver in technologies such as solar, wind gen, geothermal, wave harnessing, etc., We continue to be astounded that Brazil is not doing more on these fronts. Oh. That’s right. “We forgot that windmills cause cancer.”

Let’s hope the Brazilian electorate considers Bolsonaro’s wholesale stupidity come election time. But, unfortunately, he’s not the sharpest knife in the draw and was justifiably relegated by the big boys. Humiliations Galore!

Bolsonaro will never understand the very first rule of apology and humility.

He is toast?!

Burnt to a crisp.

Was he expecting a medal from Biden?