Burke’s Law : “Who Killed Jason Shaw”

Burkes Law Who Killed Jason Shaw

Publication date 1963

Topics Classic TV, Gene Barry, Burke’s Law, Millionare Detective

Publisher American Broadcasting Company

Language English

This film is in the public domain because its copyright was not renewed in 1991, which was the necessary time for any film with a date in notice of 1963.

Credits Gene Barry – Capt. Amos

Burke Gary Conway – Det. Tim Tilson Regis Toomey – Det. Les Hart Leon Lontoc – Henry Tammy Grimes – Jill Marsh Richard Haydn – Julian Clarington Oscar Homolka – Janek Cybowski Burgess Meredith – Burton Reese Keenan Wynn – Hamilton ‘Give ’em Away’ Murphy Joyce Jameson – Lucy Brewer Marlyn Mason – Marian Wagner

Added date 2010-01-10 03:12:57

Color b/w Director Stanley Z Cherry

Identifier BurkesLaw

Run time 51:02 S

Sound sound Year 1963 plus-circle