SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — EatLove, the personalized nutrition platform and meal planning service, announced they are teaming up with AmazonFresh as one of their first recipe integration providers. Customers will now be able to combine healthy meal planning and grocery shopping in one simple click.

EatLove’s comprehensive personalization takes into account every variable and dietary consideration, including nutrition, health and lifestyle goals, food allergies as well as personal tastes and preferences. The service starts with a simple evaluation then its powerful technology creates a customized meal plan for the week complete with an optimized grocery list, daily reminders and easy to follow recipes. Customers check off the ingredients they already have at home, and the remaining grocery items can be purchased and delivered conveniently through AmazonFresh.

The platform offers a variety of over 3,000 individually tested, delicious recipes from chefs, recipe developers, dietitians and popular food bloggers with more than 900 meal plans hand crafted by registered dietitians.

According to EatLove CEO Monique Nadeau, “The collaboration with AmazonFresh is the natural next step for EatLove further simplifying weekly meal planning with online shopping and ordering, all under ten minutes.”

“EatLove has cracked the code on the comprehensive personalization required for today’s complex individual and family diets coping with any and all combinations of health and medicinal food requirements,” Nadeau said. “Our advanced algorithms can instantly analyze more than 3 million dietary factors to create the perfect meal plan and grocery list, optimized across the week’s recipes ensuring “meal kit” efficiencies at less than half the cost.”

The innovative integration of EatLove’s personalized meal planning and AmazonFresh grocery shopping will change how customers plan and shop for their weekly meals. The seamless experience further simplifies the connection between personal dietary needs and grocery shopping.  Learn more at